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Jay Good


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Sales Management Comments

National Trust returns to its original home of Red Deer, Alberta but as I’m sure you’ve noticed, with a completely different

format. Chapter VII, subtitled “On Ice” keeps the philosophy of blending the various genetics, personalities and statures of

the Simmental breed and breeders in a positive marketing venue.   The evening is very intentionally designed for anyone

and everyone to participate in. We also felt we needed to “lead by example” and rather than taking more “live” cattle from

existing sales, was to eliminate the “live” cattle from National Trust and have them still sell within whatever respective geo-

graphical marketplace they appropriately fit. 

We hope to assist promoting “the breed first” concept into the breeder core, which this breed accepts better than any other

and maybe an event like “On Ice” can have that side effect to it as a by-product. We of course hope to exercise some

business commerce this evening but also want to have a light feel to it and let people have some fun with some good old

fashioned “auction entertainment”.   We are going to offer, time permitting, the chance to “be your own blockman” when

your respective lot(s) sell, most likely adding more entertainment value and diversity to the evening.  

As the fall sale finale in Alberta the formula of volume of sales always creates a lot of excitement and the National Trust

“On Ice” only adds to that, and leads us in to “SuperSunday” the following day. This is a high traffic opportunity for sellers,

buyers and spectators to network amongst their peers in Red Deer.  

At this time of year, our thoughts and priorities are of family and friends and from all of us at Transcon we hope you are able

to enjoy, respect and cherish each other in the utmost way. From J.R. and I we thank all of you for allowing us to work in

this industry, and to Sandra Smith and all our associates at Transcon and our contractors, thanks to all of you for everything

you do.  

Merry Christmas, 

Jay Good,

Transcon Livestock Corp.