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Auctioneer: Brent Carey

Special Reps:

Cody Haney Rod McLeod Don Oberg

Sale day phones:

Transcon cells

Jay Good 403 556-5563 Darren Paget 403 323-3985

Glenn Norton 780 542-0634 Cody Haney 403 559-8809

Sale headquarters:

Heritage Inn


Lunch will be available for purchase at the Auction Mart restaurant.

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Catalog cover by JoAnna Herbert

Glenn Norton

780 542-0634

Jay Good

403 556-5563

Darren Paget

403 323-3985



Office: 403 638-9377 Fax: 403 206-7786

Cody Haney

403 559-8809

For further information contact any of the consignors or:


Sales Management Comments

I would like to welcome you all to the second annual Working Girls

Charolais Female Sale. Firstly, thank you to all of last year’s consignors

who took the leap of faith and brought females to our sale. Without your

commitment and foresight the Working Girls sale would never have

come to fruition.

Congratulations again on having a sale that averaged over $6200 its very

first year!

It speaks volumes on the quality of the females that were on

offer. Secondly, thanks to all this year’s consignors who have really dug

deep into their herds to bring the best females possible. Your dedication

to make this sale great is commendable. In some cases we “selected” the

females, but mostly we asked the producer to bring females that would

advertise and promote their own herd and their respective bull sales

the best. The consignors are bringing the juice!! This year we have top

notch Heifer calves, Bred Heifers, Cow calf pairs and Embryo lots that

will turn some heads and get people talking. The Working girls sale will

have something for every buyer -- white and red Purebred, Full French,

with both foundation and up-and-coming genetics for sale. I was recently

in Manitoba and it was quite obvious that the excitement of this event

has already started to build. Don’t miss this sale; it’s an opportunity to

buy your next herd matriarch. There will be females that will go on to

improve any herd.

If you are unable to attend the sale please contact any one on the

Transcon Team to confidentially appraise, bid and buy on your behalf.

This is an industry leading trusted service that is free of charge for both

the buyer and seller. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Innisfail

Auction Mart on December 9th.

Thank you,

Cody C. Haney

Office: 403 638-9377

Box 300, Sundre, AB T0M 1X0


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